Monday, 22 August 2011

Valle Crucis Abbey

It was time for me to go and join other dowsers, and Ian Pegler had kindly invited me to dowse at Valle Crucis Abbey in Wales....

I got there a little early and decided I would check out the 9th century cross located on top of a bronze age tumuli, this had to have energy passing through it!

It was early, and the sun was beaming down. It didnt take long, I found two energy lines crossing at the Tumuli. They were of a similar width, 20 paces and one seemed to be heading for the Abbey, but I tried to forget this preconception as so many in the past had been made prematurely!

I asked the spirit of the place where I could sit if I wished to help it, since arbor low my spiritual confidence had improved and I felt a calm response as the rods slowly guided me round. I was led to a spot and I sat, meditating, the sun seemed very bright and I felt very dizzy, I can only explain it as if a channel of energy between the tumuli below me and the sun above me was focussing energy through me like a cylinder around the base of where I was sitting. I concentrated on positive thoughts, this was hard at first but something inside calmed me. I could taste the sun, and it was very metallic! I thanked the spirit of the place and decided to meet with Ian and discover if the abbey would hold secrets!

The ruin itself was spectacular, the entry fee was £2.80! Which was cheap by the English heritage standards we had become accustomed to! This would proove useful as it left pocket change for monks chocolate, which I will come back to later!

I wandered around the exhibition for a while, I tried some deviceless dowsing around the structure, and found myself feeling energised by the experience, too much so to get a specific reading, however I came across an interesting charactor with a purple dowsing rod, It was Ian.

I had never met in person a fellow dowser, within minutes I had become captivated by the history and the story of the site as well as a little probing by me about the tumuli I had just been to. I had not really conducted any research about the holy grail or king arthur, but now realised I had to read Ians book Valle Crucis and the Grail, please visit his web site:

I did some dowsing with Ian, involving water and archeological dowsing, some successfull some not, having said that I seemed to be picking up on more water drains than the one he mentioned, and Ian explained this with different dowsers get different things which I had also heard about. Having said this I felt more confident than ever!

I decided to dowse the church area as often I find the energy lines are to be found here, like at waverley abbey see my blog :

I found a small 5-6 pace line running straight along the center of the church and it crossed with another at the altar with another small line. This was very odd, at such a significant Abbey such narrow lines at a geometric precision with the Abbey itself. I had some ideas about this but it was time for some lunch.

After a lovely lunch at a pub in the town of llangollen, The Bridge End. Ian knows the place well because of their fabulously hot Chilli con Carne, unfortunatley on this day Sunday lunch had taken over the menu so a Turkey and ham bagette had to suffice!. Ian then took me on a fascinating tour around the free museam, where I learnt about the music festival that enticed musical groups from around the world!

Ian also saw a banner for a "Hollistic" festival which happened to be going on in the town!

Having returned to the abbey we met with a friendly and enthusiastic Vivianne Ancliff, a member of the West Wales Dowsers. Their website is at:

She had marked out some chakra hotspots and another energy line running near to mine exactly parallel, and where my line was she had clearly marked hotspots in a straight line exactly where my line was, she had also marked out similar lines next to this in a third line. I was intrigued and realising I had not dowsed this area realised I should!

Low and behold this is what I found and as I called out to Ian, he turned grinned at me and said "triplets", I was bemused... as if dowsing was not complicated enough, three lines or bands of energy narrower than a normal energy line. This energy seemed very straight in nature and the fact it shadowed the abbey architecture was most perculiar.

At that point Vivian who we spoke of earlier returned to look for her glasses, she explained the bands as being a part of a bigger energy line, each mini line or band as it were alternated positive and negative. This was beyond my understanding and I had not come accross this before and I wondered why this site had a variance than the others I had visited. The only one I could compare it to was Salisbury catherdral in the fact the builders were very aware of these lines or more probable the layout of the structure had somehow affected the lines.

Ian agreed and said he often found at sites this happened, energy almost squeezing itself to fit through a doorway, I suspected that the materials may have had an influence, but I would have to look very closely at ancient sites in the future.

Having dowsed the outside of the site I was getting basically the same thing but I was also getting interference so I returned to find Ian in full swing of taking a panorama shot of the Abbey.

Ians Panoramic Photo!

Overall a fantastic day with some good insight, education and confidence building... but alas It was time to go.

On the way out we bought some chocolate which was made by Caldey Island Cistercian monks, it was very tasty and it felt like it had been "loved" into existance. Take a look:

I thanked Ian and droove the long way back to Surrey....

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