Monday, 23 January 2012

Avebury Cove

On the research on ancient megaliths, where can one start.

Well Avebury duhh!....

I have no desire to explain Avebury, you can look at this tremendous site which explains it but Avebury can be a great canvas in which to attempt to understand what the ancients may have been intending.

I wanted to focus on Avebury Cove, situated in the north circle. It is very likely that the cove consisted of three stones, two of which still remain:

At least one of these made its way onto the largest megaliths (cut stones of all time)

What was the purpose of a cove, an opened top structure with gaps between the stones.

We know that a famous energy line passes through the site at Avebury and at the cove, but was this intended? Or a consequence of the placement of the stones? Difficult to say based on this structure. I felt it might be more provident to establish if there was a third stone and where it was.

By use of dowsing I managed to locate the missing stone:

This would make the missing stone in between the two other stones. The two remaining stones seem to resemble the male (phallic) and the female (octaganal), this is ancient symbology which has evolved into even todays church worship.

It was quite busy and didnt get the chance to map out any other energy lines and configurations, but I suspect the energy is being held by the stones, and is directly linked. If this was intentional then one possible idea is that the cove was a focal point of the energies, in the other circle there is a rectangular area marked with an obilisk, perhaps this was a different focal point for a different target. Wide speculation at present and difficualt to proove.

Here are some pictures of the elegant cove stones:

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