Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nodal Dowsing

For ages I had heard the term "node" being thrown about. I decided to investigate what a node actually was.

I went back to the St Martha hill woods and picked up on an energy line which I had previously tracked please see "dowsing in surrey" blog set on the right hand side.

I tracked it and asked for the node, I had dowsed this node before but only its location, and as far as I knew at the time a node was just were two lines met.

I asked for the energy configuration of the node and I was led in a circle around the center point of the node, on one turning I noticed I was in a different position, and kept going, I was following a spiral slowly getting to the center of the node. I eventually ended up at a point where the rods were pulling on the spot, in other words there was no space left to go so I had reached the center point of the node.

I have to be honest, during my research this could well be a purely subliminal invention, spirals are always referenced, but to dowse it yourself is an experience, especially when dowsing this point previously gave a spoke like formation and no spiral, and upon asking for the energy configuration getting a spiral. In itself dowsing a spiral is pretty compelling as it would be very difficult to imagine a spiral and make the rods move in the way that they do on a concious level, again very compelling and in my opinion deviates against the skeptical "ideometer" response as an explanation for dowsing.

I checked again for the radials and found them again, so I decided to make a diagram (not at all accurate) that would give you an idea of what a node actually dowses like, also I have to add that this is one nodal point and at sites you often find two next to one another influencing the other, so this diagram is just for representative purposes.

I should also add that I have given this a radial count of 34, as that was what was discovered at the rollrights, but this is the only time this mapping has been done by myself, but more research to follow. Interestingly the measurments will need to be taken carefully and compared to the fibonacci ratio to confirm a suspected theory, and assumed by many.


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